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Bally Shannon meat can be found in the freezersection. This ensures that the product has a long shelf life and is always available in the store.

Before you prepare the meat it is best to let it thaw slowly in the refrigerator. This may take up to 24 hours, so it is wise to plan ahead. For best results, take the thawed meat out of the refrigerator one to two hours before cooking to allow it to reach room temperature before you put it in the pan. This improves the result of your Bally Shannon products.

Bally Shannon hamburgers are produced using coarse ground beef. This gives the burger a more open structure and contributes to a superior eating experience.

The meat assortment of the Bally Shannon label consists of the following products:


Dry Aged Hamburger 8x 150 gram


Dry Aged Hamburger 2x 150 gram


Ribeye 1x 250 gram


Entrecote 1x 250 gram

Rump steaks

Rump steaks 1x 250 gram

Round steaks

Round steaks 2x 125 gram

Minute steak

Minute steak 5x 50 gram


Bavette 1x 300 gram

Lamb burgers and lamb chops

Temporarily not available